SSAA Bundaberg Q32 is open for members and visitors  

SSAA Bundaberg is branch Q32 of Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (QLD). The branch is situated at 2693 Childers Rd, 25km from Bundaberg CBD heading towards Childers. 

 We welcome all shooters to come and participate in their chosen discipline, whether it be zeroing in a rifle or participating in our local competitions.

On arrival, present yourself to the sign in area and see the Range Officer on duty.

General Opening Times

  • Monday             Closed
  • Tuesday             Closed 
  • Wednesday       8am to 11am 
  • Thursday           Closed 
  • Friday                 Closed 
  • Saturday            8am to 12 pm  
  • Sunday              8am to 12 pm  

All opening times are at the discretion of the Range Officer on duty.  


    Not a licenced shooter but interested to give it a go? 

    We can help!  

    In order for unlicenced shooters to handle a firearm at our range we require:  

    • You to complete a ‘Form 33 declaration by unauthorised person for use of a weapon at an approved range’ (available at the range).
    • To sight your Photo Identification. 
    • Shooters to be 11 years or older.
    • Covered footwear to be worn at all times (no thongs). 
    • You to bring your own Safety equipment (eye protection and ear protection).  

    Non-member / Casual fees

    If you aren’t a range pass holder for Q32, casual range fees apply: 

    • $30 for SSAA members who do not hold a Q32 range pass. 
    • $40 for Non-Members or visitors 

    Could shooters please endeavor to bring the correct ammount of cash as change is limited