Join Our Branch (Purchase a Range Pass for the Bundaberg Branch)

What is a Range Pass? 

You need to be a member of SSAA QLD to purchase a range pass. 

 When you purchase a range pass you have unlimited access to our range during opening times.  This includes practice and branch level competitions, as much as you want to shoot. There are some exceptions, for example, State or National Titles that may have a nomination fee. 

Range passes are available for a period of 1 year only. Any exceptions please contact the treasurer.

What happens with the money from Range Passes? 

SSAA Bundaberg Branch Inc (Q32), is a subbranch of the SSAA National and Queensland.  Bundaberg operates as its own not for profit association.  All the money that comes into the branch, whether it be from casual shooting fees, or from range pass sales is there for the branch to use to make it better for everyone. If you want to have a say on how the branch is run, and how the money is spent, all Q32 SSAA members are welcome at the monthly general meetings, which you will find in the events calendar. 

Members undertaking: 

  • By signing this form, the applicant agrees to be bound by the Rules of the Association, which includes the Standing Orders, By-Laws and Constitution of S.S.A.A. Bundaberg Branch Inc. 
  • This application is made in full recognition of the Branch’s requirement for responsible and ethical behaviour.  
  • I undertake to do all in my power to preserve the good image of the Branch and the sport. 
  • I understand that any members breaking any rules of this Branch or any laws and regulations put in place by the Weapons Act may be subject to expulsion from this Branch. 

Range Pass Cancellations
We would hate to see you go, however if you choose to cancel your range pass you must notify us in writing.
Purchasing a range pass is in fact an advance payment for attendance on the range. Refunds are only permitted when there are extenuating circumstances, EG you become permanently sick or physically incapacitated (evidence may be required).

For Pistol Shooters: 

Queensland Legislation requires a minimum of 6 competition shoots for one class of concealable firearm, for a member with more than 1 class of concealable firearm, a min of 4 competition shoots are required per class of concealable firearm. If you need a new participation card, it can be downloaded below. 

QP516 Participation Card


Before proceeding to purchase your range pass, you will need: 

  • A UNIQUE email address per person. Therefore family members are not able to use the same email address. You can obtain an email address for free from or,
  • Your SSAA member number,