Join the SSAA

If you decide to join you will have to fill in an Application Form and pay your membership fee. These forms are available from:

Make sure you put down Q32 when asked for what branch you want to join.

This will allow you to vote and have a say at the local branch, and a portion of your membership goes back into the Bundaberg.



  • Completing the form and making payment at the SSAA Bundaberg range



  • Obtain a form from the Australian Shooter magazine and send it to the SSAA address along with payment

As a Member of the SSAA you are part of an Australian wide support network, with access to SSAA Sporting Facilities in each State.  In Queensland alone we have some 65 Branches and Target Ranges, and approximately 40,000 Members.

Community and Social

  • A great family sport. Target shooting is one of the few sports available that the whole family can do together and it doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • People of all ages (11 to 100) and fitness can join in and enjoy.
  • Most people with disabilities, can participate fully in this sport.
  • Just like any other Sporting Organisation or Club, each Branch has its’ own social functions, where people of like interests can relax and have fun.

Personal Development

If you are a person that enjoys a personal challenge, likes to take the time to perfect technique, then the Sport of Shooting is for you!  It takes a lot of skill to be able to place a shot into a circle no bigger than a 20 cent piece at 25 metres or hit a fast moving clay target with the right amount of lead.  The SSAA clubs have facilities and support for all skill levels and can asset you in setting and achieving your personal shooting goals.