Rifle Competitions and Disciplines

At range one we have:

  • Bench rest (15 lanes) out to 300m
  • Open range out to 500m
  • Open range out to 200m

Air Rifle Field Target

Air Rifle Field Target is a simulated field-shooting discipline that caters to springer and precharged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle shooters. The discipline includes five firearm classes: Open Air Rifle, Open PCP, Open Springer, International PCP and International Springer, with shooters aiming to hit reactive ‘fall-when-hit’ targets of various sizes at often unknown ranges.


Benchrest is a precision rifle shooting discipline where shooters aim to put five or 10 shots into the smallest possible group on paper targets placed at 50m, 100, 200 and 300 yards. Groups are measured from the centre to the centre of the two widest shots in a group. Rifles are fired from rests, comprising a front rest to support the fore-end and a rear support.

Precision rifles are only part of the kit, with high-end optics playing an important role and many competitors spending hours experimenting with different cartridge loads and projectiles to come up with a combination that provides the very best results with their firearm.

Big Game Rifle

Big Game Rifle is a rifle shooting discipline that aims to foster the collection, preservation and use of vintage and modern classic large-calibre big-game rifles, particularly those of British origin, including black powder and early Nitro cartridge firearms.

Big Game and Hunting Rifle shooting allows shooters to enjoy competing, collecting and developing skills with a wide variety of unique firearms not covered by any other form of competition shooting.

Accuracy and rifle handling skills are put to the test, with emphasis on offhand and field position shooting. Rapid fire, rapid reloading and the use of open sights is encouraged, with a moderate scope penalty for most events.

Combined Services

Combined Services is a rifle and handgun shooting discipline that aims to encourage organised competitive shooting with a view towards a better knowledge of the safe handling and proper care of military or service firearms. The discipline encompasses more than a dozen Service Rifle and Service Pistol classes in which competitors use original or faithful reproduction rimfire.

While World War I and World War II bolt-action rifles are by far and away the most commonly encountered firearms in a Combined Services competition, there are categories for muskets, black powder arms, accurised or modified rifles, and even modern-day police, military and tactical scoped rifles as well.

Field Rifle & 3-4Positional

Field Rifle & 3-Positional is a rifle discipline that aims to improve hunting marksmanship under rifle range conditions, while teaching them the capabilities and limitations of their equipment. Field Rifle uses rimfire and centrefire rifles and is designed around the four most used field shooting positions of rapid-fire, standing, standing post rest and sitting/kneeling position.

This discipline in Queensland, has consisted of Field Rifle events since 1970 and SSAA 3-Positional for many years.  Centrefire 4 Position is now only shot in Queensland with other States adopting SSAA 3 Position instead.

Fly Shoot

Fly Shoot is a shooting discipline that caters exclusively to rifles. The discipline includes Rimfire and Centrefire matches generally shot at 200 yards and 500m respectively. Each match comprises five targets, with the target having a ‘fly’ 30mm in size as the X-ring and scoring rings around it. Fly Shoot is a unique discipline as both the size of the groups and scores count.

Gallery Rifle

Gallery Rifle includes short- and medium-distance shooting events for rifles and pistols chambered in pistol-calibre cartridges.

Gallery Rifle Rimfire is conducted at Range 2 (Pistol Range)

Lever Action

Lever Action is a shooting discipline that caters exclusively for lever-action rifles. The discipline includes two categories: Classic Calibre for as-issued rifles in any centrefire cartridge produced up to 1938; and Open Calibre for rifles in any factory, handloaded or wildcat rimfire or centrefire cartridge. Lever Action aims to improve hunting marksmanship skills.

Long Range Precision

Long Range Precision Shooting aims to develop and encourage long-range competition shooting; achieve extreme accuracy in firearms, ammunition, equipment and shooting methods; and promote experimentation to achieve these goals.

The rifle events cover rifles chambered in everything from the .22 Long Rifle up to the massive calibres. These matches are shot over a number of different distances,  at our range we go out to 500m.


Muzzleloading is an interactive discipline that caters to the original and replica rifles, muskets, handguns and shotguns that were used during Australia’s colonial days. The firearm categories are very detailed, with each having its own classes and subsections. The rifle events are shot from the offhand, cross-sticks/prone, bench rest and sometimes kneeling/sitting positions.

Rifle Metalic Sihouette

The targets are placed on steel stands in banks of five and set at a variety of known distances, with the competitors having a certain amount of time to knock as many down as they can. The various competitions are shot from a range of distances and positions, depending on the firearm calibre and category, but all competitions aim to improve hunting marksmanship skills under Range conditions.